Their name are Loki, Sammy, Sunny, Gus. They are cat Coco's babies. Here was a sweetness moment When they was 2 weeks old. These adorable kittens do not need to steal my heart, I freely give as much as they need of it, even all, and am honored to do so! Rock on little babies! I literally cried at how adorable and precious this is, the little meows, the paw movements, my heart is melting.I don't think there're any kittens who live a better life than these ones.OMG my heart has been taken completely. Well, you did warn me. s like a miracle how just looking this you can have so much joy, so much peace without give nothing in change.

Too much cuteness!!! I can't take it!!! I wanna jump through my screen, come over and love them!!! Where's Mum??? They certainly seem calm, relaxed and very healthy!! One of them is squeaking! Oh very cutest Babies. Thank you so much for this beautiful Video. Probably wants food? I keep thinking they might get their eyes scratched with their claws. Everyone, watch! ! Nap time! ! I honestly can't take a nap! !

This is not a mother or these hindrances babies!!! Nor can this be said to the family because they are not... if you find a pregnant cat you have to take her immediately to the vet to do the abortion so that she never gets in the way!!!!! These things should not have been pregnant, let alone give birth to their hindrances or breastfeed them... but if they are already born, they must be separated immediately at birth so that this thing never awakens its maternal instinct and these hindrances are left unprotected... and it worse is that they should look for their food outside the house if they want to survive themselves and their hindrances!!!!! there is no need to feed them and even less help them!!!!