5 tricolor kittens grew up healthy and well. The housekeeper's skin disease treatment and eye disease treatment, you worked really hard. It's so funny that you're looking for it in a jar because you can't see it. I want to live here as a yard cat too~ haha Cutting is an art.. Cats gnawing together to eat chicken breast in the sound of rain.. It's pretty. Girls~ It was raining, so the installment plan made delicious food. Listening to the rain under the eaves, I don't think you'll even notice the time passing~ The scenery, the kids, and the sound of the rain are pretty too. I send you all my love and respect because I wish I had the opportunity to raise such a beautiful cat with a big family. Just watching the babies eat while listening to the rain makes me feel so peaceful. I really enjoyed the beautiful video. I think Haedori is friendly. He always approaches all the cats first and greets them.. Sometimes he gets beaten up for that, but.. Healing while watching the cats You are blessed to have a butler who takes care of food while being with nature. Enjoy freedom, receive protection, and receive love.

Watching the sound of rain is soothing to ears. Seeing the cats is soothing to eyes. Both together is heaven. It rains a lot this year.. The kids shouldn't catch a cold.. They say it's going to rain again from tomorrow. Singing.. It's a very peaceful daily life. I heal properly from the morning. I should love my cat more too haha. I really like the ASMR of rain pouring into the bamboo forest, and it's so healing to see the cats resting in a safe place while avoiding the rain peacefully. I heal while watching the cats here. Enjoy nature and freedom, and there is a housekeeper who loves and takes care of the babies. This is heaven.The sound of the heavy rain is incredible. Hanyang is extremely hot, but it seems that the rainy season hasn't ended yet. I'm yogi ~ ha Meow can't move because it's raining. Even the sound of rain sounds like a healing sound in the street yard. I'm going to watch the pretty video today.

The butler is someone who really loves cats because these days, there aren't many people who boil breast meat like you do. Come~~ Listening to the sound of rain and seeing the cats in the sweltering heat makes me feel refreshed^^ The children are very big and playful because the butler took good care of them. I am always grateful to the father of stray cats and the butler. Jjolbyeong is so scared 💦 Chef Gil's chicken is also yum yum. Healing with the sound of the cool rain. The deacon who answered the question I can't see the gray, thank you, I pray that God's blessings overflow. Their food is first class compared to other feral cats on the street. "STREET CAT" really did a good job feeding them.