The tricolor like the happiest mother in the world~~ Seeing her breastfeeding in her arms, she looks so warm and cozy. It's so pretty to eat while shouting that it's delicious. Healthy and happy kittens and babies run around in the yard and have a leisurely time. It's heaven. Our Miss Korea three-color babies are already sick with adults. I am glad that all the children are living safely thanks to the housekeeper. The love of the tricolor mother's children. There is no end. Grandpa butler, be careful not to catch a cold and everyone is healthy. Babies feel so safe even surrounded by so many adult cats. I really like the cat family you have here. Even if they have their fights sometimes they coexist and pose no real threat even to kittens.The three kittens are eating with the older cats. They are very cute, pretty and adorable. The mothet cat Samsaek is loving towards her kittens.I see Sundong, Hosaek, Pang, Hasoon and Kong among the older cats.

The tricolor must be a really good mother. The second-generation children still love being with their mother. I love you so much Hahaha They say they will eat and live, occupying a place among the older sister, brother, her uncles and aunts, and eating while knowing that it is delicious? So cute and pretty. The kids' bathroom looks like that haha It's cute that they line up to use it right away because it's cleaned. What a beautiful tricolor calico kitten licking her puppies, posing for the camera, and we also see the great herd of kittens savoring their banquet... Thank you for taking care of these little animals who are like our little brothers, God will reward you for what they do for them. The more you look, the more you know, the better the place is. Maybe it's because I haven't seen the babies for a while in the early stages, but they're developing fast. They come out naturally, eat together, and the babies are 5-6. Maybe it's because they're less dispersed when they're three, so it's more affectionate and prettier when you pay more attention to them.

Those little kids went to the street just because they cut it. A peaceful street yard is heaven. Taking care of so many cats must be a hard task considering average cat lifespan is 15 years. Feeding them, cleaning their food bowls, cleaning their poop everyday must be hard. It’s equally important to keep their health in check. It must be difficult to give attention to every cat. I don’t know what’s your long term plan for these kitties but I hope they stay healthy. Peeing and pooping in the same area over and over again could give them infections. I hope you can build them all winter homes and better toilets. You can take idea from another Korean channel ‘haha ha’. He also takes care of many outdoor cats. Contact the district office for tricolor mother neutering surgery. I think it would be good to neuter both the cat and the housekeeper. I'm impressed with the way you do it for cats.

Little kittens are unable to chew the dry commercial food. It affect kittens' teeth. And comercial cat food affect the main organs of adult cats also such as kidney, bladder, heart etc. Are it leads to their death. I've heard about many of such cases. I recommend you to Feed natural diet for eg. Fishes, dragonflies, chicken, meat to all of your cats and kittens as much as possible. And let them to hunt small insects and small animals like mice (except lizards, bats and some other poisonous creatures). Watching your videos makes my day, i love cats, and i have 6 at home that were abandoned, we adopt and sterilize them. The stray cat I feed suddenly died under the bed in Darai. It is such a healthy and big cat that is just over 1 year old. Can it suddenly cross the rainbow bridge in one day? I'm really curious, so I wonder if this is the case. They say other weak kittens are alive too.