She looks so much like my girl, Chloe, who we took in as a stray. Our girl has turned out to be the most affectionate and sweet companion. She loves every one of us equally and is a great mouse catcher. It's good that this cat was helped. After all, he was on the verge, and such a miracle, he was given a second life! He is simply the savior of these furry animals. Guardian Angel, thank you so much for your big heart and love for them. You're a vet but still have time to look for the poor animals in public places if they suffered or they were in pain or needed your help as soon as possible, you took them to your place to help them as much as you can. .Thank you so much, May God bless you and the people around who support all your kindness always. I had tears in my eyes watching this video! The poor cat was just lying there waiting to die - too weak to react when you picked her up. To see her alert and on her feet is amazing. Nothing makes me more better than seeing a cat or a dog or any animal that is in need of help it is being ignored. You have a great big heart for taking care of these animals The way that you do. I feed a lot of strays and take care of them in my area, But if I could I would take care of all of them. Bless your big big heart.

One thing I always notice with Asian rescues is that the people never provide enough emotional support for the animals. They need to feel loved and cared for and holding them, petting them, letting them lay in your lap provides so much emotional support which is very important for their mental state. Thank you very much for rescuing her, infinite blessings 🥰 that you always have the necessary resources to continue with such loving and beautiful work, that your energy of love and care for animals extends to all those who still do not have it so that the day that does not come there are already abandoned animals neither in the streets nor in their own homes. It's nice to meet you! You are truly the angel in this kitty's life. It was so amazing to see this sweetheart transform into a healing kitty. She was so very close to death and you turned her life around. God Bless you for that! Thank you for choosing to care! May you be blessed with success and happiness always, my friend.

Low bow to you kind people! Thank you so much for rescuing these cute animal kittens! God bless you all! ALL EARTHLY BENEFITS! And whoever brings pain to animals, nonhumans are thrown out to mock animals, let them be punished by the same fate of monsters Soulless nonhumans! What incredible power every creature has to survive. Fantastic to see the recovery of this beautiful little being. Congratulations on the work of everyone involved. The reward for every act of love we practice in favor of those who do not have the voice to defend themselves, reverts to blessings that come to us through infinite possibilities. For more people like this on the Planet and Multiverse. If you've never seen a barely living creature on the inside of the doorway of life on the verge of just letting go to end it's suffering and pass through to the relief of death - This is about as close as it gets. Thank goodness there are still humans in the world to take the time to assist these helpless darling animals in restoring their minds & bodies so they want and are able to live once again. I hope that someone has stepped forward in giving this little girl a forever home. If Betty White were still here, she would have hugged both the kitty and the savior .