She did more than just say goodbye! She checked everything out & made sure her kitten was feeling safe and at home before leaving it there. I wonder if she had humans in the past? She seemed to understand that these humans were trying to help the cats in the area and that her kitten would be taken care of there. I know enough about how the butler must have felt when the babies were sent away. I also experienced my cat. Three-color child. There are other older children, so don't be too sad. Just noticed that the mother cat has a distinct tummy bulge; she may be pregnant again. They need a TNR program, Trap Neuter Release, to keep the feral population down. From the coloring, it looks like a lot of these cats are related.

I hope that the adopters of Autumn Sky Sunset and the three kittens who are already living under new names in the arms of a warm family will have a healthy and happy day. Since Haneul wanders around alone, the tricolor looks around looking for Gaeul and Noeul. It's nice to go to a warm house that will raise you with love, but why is my heart so sad... In the end, Ha-neul was also adopted, and seeing her mother spend only a few days brought tears to my eyes again. Stray Cat Butler~ You worked hard to raise the babies beautifully. The sky, autumn and sunset will all be happy. Habuji and the deacon also have a cup of hot tea and put your mind down a little. A year is coming to an end. A lot of things happened, but remember only the good memories. It's embarrassing to see the tricolor crying for the babies. Now that the sky is adopted, there's no one, so I don't know if it's okay. The housekeeper must be sad too.

All three-color babies have been adopted. We, who also see three-color children, are a bit sad and sad, but I think we can't help it when we think that the babies will meet good parents and live happily. The housekeeper also had a lot of trouble co-parenting with the tricolor. I hope all the babies are healthy and happy. Seeing her break up with her mom makes her feel bad. I pray that the babies live happily wherever they are. How did you feel when you took care of him and sent him to adoption? thank you. be happy It hurts to send the babies for adoption right now, but from the point of view of the babies, being adopted and living as house cats might be happier ^^ When the babies are 4.5 months old, they will live independently and live their own lives, but there is no guarantee that they will all live together in one place. Infection may occur. You worked hard this year, and I hope you and your children are healthy and happy next year as well. I hope that the channel will become even more successful