White Persian cat Benjamin was here for a haircut. The owner is now taking care of Benjamin, who was ousted twice. It's the first time I've had a Persian cat, so I was surprised by the hair loss. I learned about cat grooming, so I tried grooming tightly. You're so cool before the hairdressing, but aren't you cute and lovely after the hairdressing? That was very nicely done, can i please know what clipper number was that?, I'm a small startup pet grooming business from Iraq by the way.

Cats, beautiful by nature !!! So, why groom? 😍 Sometimes brushing is not enough and the cat does not always collaborate, after all we are talking about cats! Free by nature !!! Although they have their ritual of cleaning through licking, this is not always enough, they will soon have hair ball vomiting, right? So every now and then we need to give them a little help, this is where the grooming comes in, complete or just hygienic, super important for the health of these beauty! And as we are talking about cats, temperamental beings and that can get stressed when they are away from home, it is super cool that you have a PET SHOP where there is a space just for them, away from dogs and with trained professionals to take good care of these cute cats ! A beautiful job as always. I'm from Florida and even in air conditioning in the summer my Persian suffered so much from the heat with all that fur so I always clipped him down in June and he felt so much better. Every time I view this groomer's videos I feel honored to be able to witness her skill. The way she works with the animals shows respect for their temperament while not indulging in their behavior in order to complete the task. Grooming a cat is far more difficult than it appears here which is a testament to her skill because she makes a complicated process appear relatively simple. An achievement that only a highly skilled person can make happen, in my opinion. I’m so jealous of Benjamin’s human. He’s a good cat. He only swipes at the shaver and not the groomer. My cat only tolerates brushing only at her face and back. She would fight tooth and nail when I brush out her tail or trim her behind. Sometimes she would accept a bath but once she decides she had enough she would claw her way out of the bathroom.

Hello beautiful kitty you are truly a marvel of kitty. Your coat is pure white. You look like a diamond that just came out of the mine. Attention, look that with all these compliments you're mounting your head and this is not nice. Why do you often, very often raise your paw while the lady who has you in charge is doing her best to do her job? Well it's over and now you can go see the a 🏡 happily ever after. I'm sure you will find many kittens that will meow one more intensely than the other. Don't worry because where you don't reach the lady will take care of it with great experience. I see the groomer is cutting your nails and you are comfortable at the work table. She took you to the bathroom area and then she is drying you with the usual white towel. While he dries you, he brushes your wonderful hair which is white and soft as silk. Everything happens gently and very delicately. Left paw in place! Therefore, the lady's work can be immediately compromised. No my darling! Everything went very well. You are a very beautiful and super hairy pussy cat. Luckily the housekeeper took you to Tosabebe': your hair was too long and thick and, since we're going into the beautiful season it would bother you too much especially when you're in the 🏡 garden: "prevention is better than fighting" Right?