The kitty family in the video is so peaceful and nice to see. Even now, it hurts my heart to see so many babies on the road separated from their mothers and at the crossroads of life and death.The kitties here look so happy. The children are fed and applied with medicine daily, and I am touched by the housekeeper's attentiveness. It warms my heart because I eat well and the babies seem to be having a happy time. A lot of cats come to eat as if it's famous as a restaurant.. Good luck to the housekeeper who takes care of the children. I think the little ones have gotten better. Sir, thank you so much. always, always... In addition, I am very grateful to Deacon Choi in Cheongju (mother of abandoned dogs and abandoned cats), who does not have enough 24 hours to take care of the children.It seems that the skin disease of the children has improved a lot, but the gourd girl (Jolbyung-i) still looks severe. The housekeeper of the installment house takes care of this wholeheartedly... Let's get well, the pretty little ponytails. When I eat, I say it's delicious. Nyangnyang. Ahhh, it's so lovely. Thanks to the housekeeper's hard work, my daughter's skin disease seems to get better quickly. Thanks to the efforts of the butler, the children's faces have become very pretty. It's a publicity zone. The Marines have grown up. You really take good care of your babies! The level of joint parenting with tricolors, you are truly blessed~~Baby, let’s quickly get better and healthier. You're having a lot of trouble feeding five babies, disinfecting them, and applying ointment. The kids are fed well and are in a good environment, so I believe they will recover soon.

The bird that the mother abandoned is the worst. To protect the other birds, I threw away the sick birds and saved the ones that had gone away, but the mother came back and took them all away. You've grown so much, you're so pretty. Always disinfect each one... Thank you for your hard work!!! But is Sam-soon (the mother cat) a tricolor daughter in the early days?? She looks like Gray, so I ask!! Cat food is individually... Please separate and share!!! The more you eat, the more you eat, and the more you eat, the more stress can build up. Potion is more effective than powder because it is absorbed faster in the body I think I should apply some bitter medicine to the three-colored jjujju.